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Walking City from Architgram is a broadcasting platform. we intend to publish installation, architecture and urban design projects related to mobile and embedded computing technology, wifi network, interactive system and cybernetic theory. we focus on mutual influential relation between spatial content and human behavior as well as the spatial representation generated by this relation in terms of social, political, ecological and material under informational network as basic circumstance. is a collective resources network concerning innovative architecture and urban design research direction generated by the intersection of architecture, urban design and other cutting edge theories, such as embedded human machine interaction and pervasive computing. We are committed to build a growing database related such study contents. is a multidisciplinary research institution base on internet, we are welcome the researchers who are interested in exploring the growing influence and implications of advanced technologies to architecture and urban design theory share their research process and outcomes. Also we are glad to invite them join into this research organization.

Mediarchitecturelab.com是一个发布建筑及城市设计项目与嵌入式计算技术、无线网络技术、自动控制系统相结合的智慧空间平台。主要关注在无线信息网络作为基础背景的今天,探索传统的空间及空间中的不同内容与人们行为之间的相互影响,以及在这种新型关系下所衍生的社会、政治、生态以及材料方面的空间表达。 是一个收集建筑空间设计理论和其他领域,例如,植入式人机交互理论,全面计算理论相互结合所阐释的新的研究方向相关信息的资源网络。我们致力于建立一个与此研究内容相关的并不断充实的数据库,作为今后研究的基础和参考。 是一个基于建筑空间智能网络的研究机构,我们欢迎关注新技术的逐渐影响和冲击下,与建筑设计理论的研究者共同分享他们的研究成果,并且非常欢迎加入这个新兴的智慧空间研究平台。我们的目的在于解释和探讨新技术及技术理论的影响和参与下,对建筑设计理论的重新定义和其边界的再扩展。